Simran Kaur Big Idea / How I Made My First Million

Meet Sim, a Forbes 30 under 30, best selling author, award-winning podcaster and founder of the multimillion-dollar company, Girls That Invest, as she shares 4 key steps she took in growing her brand organically online. Easy to replicate and never shared before, you'll be able to apply these takeaways straight away to supercharge your content growth.

Presented by Simran Kaur. Simran is a Stock Market Columnist, Keynote Speaker & Founder and co-host of the world's biggest stock market podcast 'Girls That Invest' - ranked the #1 Business Podcasts in the United States, Canada & New Zealand and #2 in the United Kingdom (Nov 2021). 

Girls That Invest has become a hallmark in the investing learning space & has helped tens of thousands of women & minorities navigate the world of investing. Girls That Invest now stands with a strong community of over 300k members.

Simran also founded the international platform ‘The Indian Feminist’ - a 300k strong community featured on the BBC & followed by the likes of South Asian stars Mindy Karling & Priyanka Chopra. 

In her spare time, Simran helps other financial education brands grow their audience through advisory roles.

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