Roger Wohlner: Financial Advisors - Writing to Get Your Message to Your Target Audience

Financial advisors often talk about wanting to write. This session will discuss hitting their target market and how to deliver their message with a compelling call to action. The presenter is a veteran financial advisor and prolific freelance financial writer. The session will focus on the need to identify their reader(s), what they want to say to them, how to say it and the appropriate tone and level of detail they should use. Compelling content is a great marketing tool, boring or flat content is just a waste of the advisor’s time. It is important that advisors develop a "voice" and this course will discuss how to do that.

Presented by Roger Wohlner. Roger Wohlner is an experienced freelance financial writer, blogger and financial advisor based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. His expertise includes providing financial planning and investment advice to individual clients, 401(k) plan sponsors, foundations and endowments. Roger contributes to his own popular finance blog, The Chicago Financial Planner, where he writes about issues concerning financial planning, investments and retirement plans. His work has been featured on sites such as Investopedia, US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Go Banking Rates, Investor Junkie and many others. Roger writes extensively for a number of financial services companies and for other financial advisors as well.

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