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The #FinCon18 Recordings include 100+ sessions presented at FinCon 2018 on September 26-29. Get access to all of the Keynote Presentations, Big Idea Talks, Breakout Sessions, and more -- the next best thing to being at #FinCon18 in-person!

The #FinCon18 Recordings include:

  • Jean Chatzky Keynote Presentation
  • Big Idea Talks from Tai & Talaat McNeely, Mr. Money Mustache, and Emma Johnson (15 min. each)
  • New in 2018! FinCon Central Talks from Joe Saul-Sehy, Stephanie O'Connell, and Joshua Becker
  • 6 Workshops including Claudia Pennington's "Demystifying Google Analytics" (1.5 hr each)
  • 8 Podcasting-related sessions, including "How Small Shows Can Profit" and "Creating a Niche Brand and Active Community that Sponsors Adore" (45 min. each)
  • 8 Video-related sessions, including "How to Rapidly Create Quality Videos" and "YouTube: How to Create Videos that Convert" (45 min. each)
  • 9 Discussion Panels where you'll hear experts discuss topics such as "How to Successfully Transition from Employee to Solopreneur" and "Building a Blog and Brand with Multiple Revenue Streams" (45 min. each)
  • 9 Advisor-related sessions, including "Finding the Right Clients with Your Digital Handshake" and "Understanding the Mindset of Social Media Users" (45 min. each)
  • 8 Money Conversations where you'll hear experts discuss topics such as "Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing and House Hacking" (45 min. each)
  • 9 Success Story sessions where experts share stories such as "$0 to $15,000 per Month with Online Courses" and "How I Increased My Organic Traffic 3,727% in Less Than a Year" (45 min. each)
  • 13 General Sessions covering topics like "How to Flourish With Facebook Ads" and "MBA for Digital Entrepreneurs" (45 min. each)
  • 22 Bonus sessions including "Hiring a Virtual Assistant" and "How to Write and Launch a Best-Selling Book on Amazon" (20 min. each)
  • Presentation slides
  • Plus, FREE access to the FinCon Community's private Facebook group, a hub of collaboration and connection throughout the year.

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