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The #FinCon19 Recordings includes 90+ sessions presented at FinCon 2019 on September 4-7. Get access to all of the Keynote Presentations, Big Idea Talks, Breakout Sessions, Bonus Talks, and more -- the next best thing to being at #FinCon19 in-person!

#FinCon19 Recordings includes:

  • Ramit Sethi and Sharon Epperson Keynote Presentations
  • Big Idea Talks from Tanja Hester and Catherine Alford (20 min. each)
  • 6 Workshops including "Branding Bootcamp: Who You Are, Who You Serve, & What to Do Next" from Emma Johnson (1.5 hr each)
  • 9 Podcasting sessions, including "A Step-by-Step Podcast Production Workflow to Run Your Own Show" from Paula Pant (40 min. each)
  • 9 Video sessions, including "How to Find Your Brand Voice, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Six-Figure Business with YouTube" from Tasha and Joseph Cochran (40 min. each)
  • 11 Blogging sessions, including "How to Go From Popular to Profitable" from Talaat and Tai McNeely (40 min. each)
  • 10 Freelancing/Entrepreneurship sessions, including the Jean Chatzky Q&A, "Scaling, Hiring, and Expanding Your Financial Brand" (40 min. each)
  • 4 Journalism sessions, including the "Voice of Authority: How to Find, Keep, or Become a Sought-After Source" panel moderated by Bev O'Shea (30 min. each)
  • 6 Advisor sessions, including "How to Build a Six-Figure Advisory Firm Working with Millennials in Just 15 Months" from Cotlon Cofield (40 min. each)
  • 6 Brand/Industry sessions, including "Money Honey: How Brand and Influencers Make a Sweet Team to Boost Financial Confidence in Women" (20 min. each)
  • 11 Discussion Panels where you'll hear experts discuss topics such as "The Truth About Publishing a Book" and "Behind the Scenes with Five Course Creators: Scaling Your Revenue to 6 Figures and Beyond" (40 min. each)
  • 18 Quick Money Talks covering topics like "Legit Ways to Make Money in a Changing Market" and "How a Generation is Spending and Earning to Prepare for Retirement" (20 min. each)
  • Presentation slides
  • Plus, FREE access to the FinCon Community's private Facebook group, a hub of collaboration and connection throughout the year.

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FinCon University courses are compilations of the content presented at FinCon, an annual digital marketing conference for personal finance content creators and brands. Our content is designed to help you create better content, grow your audience, and make more money.

Sessions are taught by Personal Finance community members who have learned through experience by creating their own websites, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, social media presence, and more!